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I have a DataTable that I have obtained by deserializing a JSON message. I do not know ahead of time what the column names will be so I cannot use DataView.Sort on a specific column. I would simply like to reverse the order of the rows. Here is what I tried:

var reversedTable = new DataTable();
for (var row = originalTable.Rows.Count - 1; row >= 0; row--)

but this throws "System.ArgumentException: This row already belongs to another table." How can I accomplish this seemingly simple task? Thanks in advance,



 var reversed = original.Clone();
 for (var row = original.Rows.Count - 1; row >= 0; row--)
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I've seen that error message before..... You're not allowed to directly add a row from one table to another. First you have to clone the table, then you can go through and call ImportRow() for each of the rows.

Check out geekzilla for a decent example.

I hope that helps!

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this works perfectly. Thanks! –  Frank Apr 27 '11 at 20:22
great, no prob! –  dizzwave Apr 27 '11 at 20:43

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