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I have an activity and a service component in my application.

The intention is to let the service take care of preparing the SurfaceView and mediaplayer instance that needs a surface holder. My media is a video file.

Is it possible to create the surface view from within my service?

Can I call the following

surface = (MySurfaceView) findViewById(;

in my service component?

If I did that, i could then assign the surface.getHolder to the player instance's setDisplay().

The overall goal is to issue commands (play, stop, seek, etc) from the activity and have the service implement the control of the mediaplayer state.

I probably could put all the stuff in my activity, but when i rotate the device, i don't want to tear down the surface and recreate it in onConfigurationChanged(). Hence looking at using the service for my situation here.

Any ideas or solutions highly appreciated.


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You could use an AsyncTask implementation instead of the service, and do

  • all the background work in its doInBackground method (different thread, won't bother the user interface), while
  • all the UI-related work could be done in the onPostExecute method (the UI thread).

Since you need your media to be played in a background thread (without possible interruptions by gui processes), the Service could be a choice for you. You'll also need an Activity though, to start, stop and control your service.
For how to implement this design, you can check out this MusicDroid Tutorial part 2.

Though, it's not mandatory, to use services for this task, @CommonsWare's solution is very elegant and handy.
@CommonsWare's streaming video test application, and this Audio/Video player sample don't use services.

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I don't see how AsyncTask could help me. The mediaplayer should be running in the background during the entire life of the application. – harikris Apr 27 '11 at 21:16
MediaPlayer will playback audio only, if surface is not availabale. I'm not sure if you can attach/detach/re-attach surface on the fly, but playback should be working fine without surface. This means that you can put your player inside service, while surface will be managed by activity. – inazaruk Apr 27 '11 at 21:37
I've added some useful links to posts -with samples- that walk you through different implementations of this task. – rekaszeru Apr 27 '11 at 21:45
Hi inazaruk, That is my problem precisely - the player in the service needs a surface BUT the surface is managed by the activity. How to connect the two? Can i pass the surface view object to the service component (via Intent's putExtra) while calling the startService()? If yes, can you point me how do send an object in the intent? I have only used it for sending Strings and ints and some other primitive types. – harikris Apr 27 '11 at 21:52
Hi rekaszeru, I am looking at your links. Let me see if anything meets my needs. Thanks for taking time to post the links here. – harikris Apr 27 '11 at 21:53

If you want to start and stop Service from the Activity, try using the approach described in this example application. It worked for me.

The demo could be even downloaded. You will need this music file.

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