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I want to strip the HTML out of few hundred files.

Here's the command I've started with:

find -name *.html -exec w3m {} > w3m {}.html.out \; 

The problem I've run into is that it created one single large .htm.out file (named {}.html.out) -- I want the file I'm using to be named whatever it's original is .out.

For instance, I have


I want to run it through w3m, and get 2002/filename.html.out

Any suggestions? I'm open to other solutions that don't use bash

I'm using cygwin.

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The redirection happens outside of find. Invoke a subshell.

find -name *.html -exec bash -c 'w3m "$1" > w3m-"$1".html.out' w3mout {} \; 
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Got it to work with this command: find -name *.html -exec bash -c 'w3m "$1" > "$1".html.out' w3mout {} \; – andyhky Apr 27 '11 at 20:57

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