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I have a string like this (c#, winforms):

private string source = @"CDM_DEBUG\D1_XS1000psc_1"

I want to have this string in two parts, first part should be everything before the last underscore that will be 'CDM_DEBUG\D1_XS1000psc' and second part should be '_1'.

Then I want to make a new string from the first part and make it to 'CDM_DEBUG\D1_XS1000psc_2'

what is the fastest way of doing this?

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Check out String.LastIndexOf.

int lastUnderscore = source.LastIndexOf('_');
if (lastUnderscore == -1)
    // error, no underscore

string firstPart = source.Substring(0, lastUnderscore);
string secondPart = source.Substring(lastUnderscore);

Is it faster than regular expressions? Possibly. Possibly not.

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Maybe something like this would work?

private const char fileNumberSeparator = '_';

private static string IncrementFileName(string fileName)
    if (fileName == null)
        throw new ArgumentNullException("fileName");
    fileName = fileName.Trim();
    if (fileName.Length == 0)
        throw new ArgumentException("No file name was supplied.", "fileName");
    int separatorPosition = fileName.LastIndexOf(fileNumberSeparator);
    if (separatorPosition == -1)
        return AppendFileNumber(fileName, 1);
    string prefix = fileName.Substring(0, separatorPosition);
    int lastValue;
    if (int.TryParse(fileName.Substring(separatorPosition + 1, out lastValue)
        return AppendFileNumber(prefix, lastValue + 1);
        return AppendFileNumber(fileName, 1);

private static string AppendFileNumber(string fileNamePrefix, int fileNumber)
    return fileNamePrefix + fileNumberSeparator + fileNumber;
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@Jeffry Thanks for nice code but my string is not realated to files, but your code is useful for later! – Saeid Yazdani Apr 27 '11 at 21:25
string doc = @"CDM_DEBUG\D1_XS1000psc_1";
var lastPos = doc.LastIndexOf("_");
   string firstPart = doc.Substring(0,lastPos);
   string secondPart = doc.Substring(lastPos);
   var nextnumber = Int32.Parse(secondPart.TrimStart('_'))+1;
   var output = firstPart + "_" + nextnumber;
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