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my code works fine in Safari, and FF, but in IE the drop down is empty. Its just empty. Any ideas? This is jquery-1.5. Thanks!

var sel = document.createElement("select");
sel.setAttribute("id", key)
sel.setAttribute('name', key)
for (var option in ddHash[key]){
    var optElement = document.createElement("option")
    optElement.text = ddHash[key][option]
    if (// some conditional){
        optElement.selected = true
    else {
        optElement.selected = false
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If you're using jQuery, why not use jQuery methods? – Cheran Shunmugavel Apr 28 '11 at 5:40

I believe optElement.text should be optElement.innerText for IE.

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From the MSDN reference for the option object:

You can create new OPTION elements dynamically with the document.createElement method, but you cannot change properties until the new element is added to a SELECT object. Or, you can create fully formed elements by using the Option object, as follows:

var opt = new Option( 'Text', 'Value', fDefaultSelected );

So it seems you just need to call appendChild before trying to set the properties.

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