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What OSS programmers and projects out ( if programmer then list both ) there actively use Agile methods? if they only use some Agile methods, can you list the methods they are using?

I don't mean obscure projects, I mean projects a person is likely to have heard of, eg the Linux Kernel, emacs, gcc,... ,

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I remember reading that JUnit (the project) uses TDD, and you can see from the Apache build server that a lot of the Apache projects use Continuum Continuous Integration.

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If JUnit developers didn't use TDD, what hope is there for us? ;) –  Patrick McDonald Feb 24 '09 at 10:41
They might still be writing tests, but not as a precursor to writing the method that they will be testing. –  SnOrfus Feb 26 '09 at 22:14

Zenoss, an open-source IT management tool, started using the Scrum agile methodology in April of last year.

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I've heard all the numerous open-sourced xUnit frameworks such as NUnit and jUnit are dogfooding their own stuff with Test Driven Development.

Wikipedia are doing Continuous Integration with their own Mediawiki software since the 1.13 version.

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