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I have come across this multiple times in the past, and I just ended up writing a raw SQL query to overcome it, but I really want to find out why this is happening. Look at the statement below

$q = $this->entityManager->createQuery('SELECT um,s,st
                    FROM Dashboard\Entity\Metric um
                    JOIN um.stat st
                    JOIN s
                    JOIN s.clients c
                    WHERE = ?1
                    AND s.competitor = 0
                    AND s.ignored = 0
                    AND IN (?2)
                    GROUP BY,
                    ORDER BY st.response_field,')
                    ->setParameter(1, $params['c_id'])
                    ->setParameter(2, $statId);

        $sql = $q->getSql();
        $rs = $q->getResult();

If I take the contents of $sql and paste them into a mySQL tool and run the raw query, it returns 18 results which is correct.

However, $rs only contains 3 results. $statId is a comma-separated string of 6 numbers: (1,2,3,4,5,6). So I am grouping by, and There will be 3 elements for every element, working out to the 18 results I expected. What's happening is Doctrine is only returning the first which is the group of 3 's

Any idea what could be causing this?

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I got my answer from IRC, but posting here in case it helps someone else. Smart WHERE IN statements aren't planned for support until 2.1 version.

But I can accomplish the same goal with query builder.

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