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I'm working on a very large (20+ MB compressed) iPhone app. I've been sending out builds via e-mail, but as new images and other media come in, the size has been creeping up - to the point where some of my testers' e-mail providers are rejecting my messages with the builds attached due to excessive size.

What's the standard solution for this? Is there a standard solution for this? I've thought about using Dropbox but don't want to force my testers to install it. The only alternative I can come up with is setting up an FTP server, which sounds like an involved project.

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Use Testflight. You can upload .ipa's up to 800mb, and its incredibly easy to use:


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+1 for testFlight, they rock! –  Robin Apr 27 '11 at 22:46
+ another 1. Indeed they do rock! That was a dream –  jnolte May 11 '11 at 20:51

Have you considered http://www.diawi.com/ ? I haven't used it, but I did see that someone on there put a 120MB bundle up for distribution.

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Check out beta builder:


Once you've built your ipa, file this nifty little tool will generate a set of files for you. Upload these to a server you own using scp or similar and you're set.

The great thing about this method is that all you need to give you users is a URL, which will provide a link which will let your users install the app with a single click - no messing around with dragging the ipa to iTunes/Xcode

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I guess if you really don't want to get an FTP site hosted somewhere (it shouldn't be so hard, there are providers that will do it), you could use an web-based solution like http://www.megaupload.com.

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You already mention using Dropbox, why not just put in the public folder?

Public folders are only shareable by the URL, so as long as your testers aren't sharing the URL it will stay private.

If you want to make it more secure, put it in a password protected zip, while admittedly it is still hackable, most people aren't going to take the time.

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