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i notice that the generate function is not defined for mutable vectors. i'm wondering if there is another way to define multidimensional mutable Vectors in haskell

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I assume your mean something from the vector package, like Data.Vector.Mutable?

It provides several ways to create and fill mutable arrays, such as with replicate. However, the vector package is for 1-dimensional, growable vectors, not multi-dimensional arrays.

For n>1 dimensions, you need to either code the index manually, or use repa or hmatrix.

repa, in particular, is interesting, as it also provides automagically parallel operations, and you can fill one from a vector. However, repa arrays are immutable, and rely on fusion for a nice interface.

If you need mutable and multi-dimensional arrays, you might have to resort to the old school array package, and one of the MArray types.

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thanks don! yes it is mutable and multidimensional arrays i am after. i am currently using MArray. thanks for the clarification –  brad clawsie Apr 28 '11 at 16:08

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