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In a Grails project I'm trying to map a Url based on whether or not a Fragment Identifier is present in the Url. The Fragment Identifiers are important because a Flash library SWFAddress uses them to communicate to a Flash application present in the web page.

I simply need to determine whether a fragment is present or not in the Request url.

Should I look into HttpServletRequest to do this?

What's the best way in Grails to route a url based on whether a Fragment Identifier is present in a Url?

[I asked this same question at the Grails forum.]

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This Stack Overflow question is relevant: How to get the request url from HttpServletRequest? and the Wikipedia article on the Fragment Identifier. In short - the fragment identifier is only dealt with client-side. –  jennyfofenny Apr 28 '11 at 4:08

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A fragment identifier is not part of a URL, it is merely used in conjunction with a URL. It is of value only to the client.

A compliant server will ignore any fragment identifier sent by a client.

You can't design your url mappings based on fragment identifiers, the URL will not contain a fragment identifier by the time it reaches your app.

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