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trying to get information from deeply nested content. Want to get to the TopicName and TopicID of each entry in rails.

All I get is @content="\n \n \n

    <title type="text">Ground Water Awareness Week</title>
    <summary type="text"/>
    <link rel="alternate" href="..."/>
    <link href="..."/>
    <content type="application/xml">
        <CatalogSource Acronym="..." OrganizationName="..."/>
            <CatalogItem Id="25743" CatalogUrl="..." AddedDateTime="..." ModifiedDateTime="...">
            <ContentItem TargetUrl="..." ContentType="text/xml" CreatedDateTime="..." ModifiedDateTime="..." PersistentUrl="..." Title="..." GUID="...">
            <content:SelectionSpec ClassList="" ElementList=""/>
            <content:Language Value="eng" Scheme="ISO 639-2"/>
            <content:Source Acronym="..." OrganizationName="..."/>
            <content:Topics Scheme="...">
                <content:Topic TopicId="27106" TopicName="drinking water safety"/>
                <content:Topic TopicId="27105" TopicName="Ground water"/>
                <content:Topic TopicId="27107" TopicName="clean drinking water"/>


class FeedEntry < ActiveRecord::Base
  require 'feedzirra'

  def self.update_from_feed(feed_url)
      feed = Feedzirra::Feed.fetch_and_parse(feed_url)

  def self.add_entries(entries)
    entries.each do |entry|
      unless exists? :guid => entry.id
        create!(:name => entry.title, :summary => entry.summary, :url => entry.url, :published_at => entry.published, :guid => entry.id)
        # After entry is created
        # I then want to check if topic exists or not.  if not then create.
        # something like below
        CatalogItems.CatalogSource.content:Topics.each do |topic|
          Catagory.find_or_create_by_name(:name => TopicName)
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There's no actual text/html here, just XML. You may need to use nokogiri instead of Feedzirra. –  Jesse Wolgamott Apr 28 '11 at 3:48
We maybe able to help if you show us your code. –  Mischa Apr 28 '11 at 8:03
Sorry, was using very basic setup for now. Will look into nokogiri, heard of it, but never used it before. –  pcasa Apr 28 '11 at 11:09

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