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Here is what I understand:

Dynamic testing is testing that is performed when the system is running. Static testing is performed when the system is not running.

Black-Box testing focuses on functionality and is performed without knowing the internal workings of the program. White-Box testing looks for problems within the code itself.

What I am wondering is, Is it fair to say that all Black-Box testing is static? Is it also fair to say that some White-Box testing is static (for example, inspection of source code) and some is dynamic (branch/path testing)?

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Is it fair to say that all Black-Box testing is static?

No. Black-box testing is usually dynamic. In fact, when we think of software testing we usually think of people running the code and recording problems they find. This is classic dynamic black-box testing.

However, there is black-box static testing. When you examine the spec or requirements looking for errors, this is static, black-box testing. Here are some techniques

  • Read the spec as if you're the customer - anything not make sense?

  • Compare the spec to industry or company guidelines - any violations?

Read the requirements to make sure each one is:

  • Correct

  • Feasible

  • Necessary

  • Prioritized

  • Unambiguous

  • Modifiable

  • Complete

  • Verifiable

If any of those are violated, you've found a requirements error and saved loads of time and money.

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I can't think of any situation in which black-box testing is static.

Black-box/White-box refers to the tester's knowledge of the inner workings of the system under test (SUT).

Static/Dynamic refers to the state of system under test (running/dynamic, or stopped/static).

Black-box testing probes the outside of a running system without any knowledge of its internal implementation. A lot of functional testing falls into this category. I'm not sure how black-box would do this without loading up the system and seeing how it responds to various stimuli.

White-box testing can be done dynamically (for example, security testers with knowledge of the internal workings of the system performing penetration testing) or statically, such as running tools like AppScan, FxCop, JavaCop, etc. looking for guideline violations and potential security vulnerabilities in the source code.

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Some black-box testing is dynamic, as you can test a system while it is running without any knowledge of its internals (e.g., when using the end-user interface or public API).

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Is it fair to say that all Black-Box testing is static?

Black Box Testing can be static as well as Dynamic. Static Black Box Testing- Reviews of Requirement documents, Specification documents or Design documents.

Dynamic Black Box Testing-The testing doe on Application under test by providing various inputs, Performing various actions.

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Its a Hierarchy

theres white box and black box testing at the top the white box testing divides into CFA and DFA DFA stands for Data flow analysis which breaks down to Static DFA and Dynamic DFA

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