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I write articles with org-mode, It works very well. But I found a very annoying problem.

I post my article to some forum, also I have a lot of pics to post.

I use IMG code to post the pictures.

eg. [IMG][/IMG]

I export my org file to ascii or html or anything else formant, Org-mode always make "http" special. It export like this:


between "http", There are always a pair of "[". Every time I have to remove this myself.

I wish Org-mode do not handle http string.

Any idea?

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Org mode actually parses that particular markup poorly (with the square brackets). If your image links are on a separate line, for example between paragraphs, you can use some markup to disable org formatting:


A shorthand for this is simply to start the line with a colon followed by a space:

: [IMG][/IMG]
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Thank you very much, Dillo's answer will save me a lot time to handle such link. BTW, is there other shorthand like ": ". I want to know which section of manual about it – textpattern Apr 28 '11 at 2:18
Finding this stuff in the manual is actually kind of hard. This particular section is 11.3, but other kind of markup are detailed throughout chapter 11. If you're curious about other command-like syntax, section 15.6 covers common #+ settings commands. – R. P. Dillon Apr 28 '11 at 15:52
This doesn't work for text in #+CAPTION: or \begin{caption} environments during LaTeX export, though. – Trevor Alexander Apr 9 '14 at 21:05

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