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I've been fooling around with onInput and contentEditable, trying to make a script that would automatically show the sum of some math. Part of the concept was to have the input grow as the user typed, which I found to work very well with a <span> tag using contentEditable. Most of the testing I did was on Google Chrome, and it seems to work there, but the onInput doesn't seem to work in Firefox (4.0). onKeyUp works in Firefox however, but isn't instant as onInput.

<div id="f">
    <span oninput="go()" id="p" class="x" contenteditable="true">0
    % of
    <span oninput="go()" id="n" class="x" contenteditable="true">0
    <span id="r" class="x" contenteditable="true">0
    <p id="a"></p>

function go() {
    p = document.getElementById('p').innerHTML;
    n = document.getElementById('n').innerHTML;
    r = document.getElementById('r');
    a = document.getElementById('a');
    r.innerHTML = p / 100 * n;
    a.innerHTML = p + "% of " + n + " equals " + p / 100 * n;

Have a look at the script over at jsFiddle.


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The input event isn't supported for contenteditable in Firefox. It's likely it will be in future, but for now, you'll have to make do with the more clunky method of intercepting various other events. Your options are a combination of keypress, keyup, mouseup, paste, cut and copy, or more simply if you can ignore IE <= 8, DOM mutation events. Intercepting DOMNodeInserted, DOMNodeRemoved and DOMCharacterDataModified should do the trick:

document.addEventListener("DOMNodeInserted", go, false);
document.addEventListener("DOMNodeRemoved", go, false);
document.addEventListener("DOMCharacterDataModified", go, false);

One thing you need to be aware of is that in WebKit, DOM mutation events are asynchronous for editable content.

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I see now, thanks for the clarification. :) –  bryce Apr 29 '11 at 3:41

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