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I'm planning to work with a few freelance developers and need to let them have access to my github 'real repo' to push commits. I'd like to keep what they do in a 'clone repo' completely separate from my 'real repo', and pull any finished work into my 'real repo' myself.

Do I clone the repo and add that 'clone repo's' remote to my 'real repo'? And then I can pull from it?

I'm not the most savvy git user quite yet so any detailed explanation would be even more appreciated :)

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You can fork your original repo and give access to the freelancers to the forked repo.


Once the changes are ready in the forked repo, pull requests can be sent to the original repo


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I was thinking that but when it's my own repo there's never a fork button. The fork button only appears on other people's repo. Do I just create a second account, or were you implying that I have the contributors fork the repo and pull from their fork? Thanks. –  trying_hal9000 Apr 28 '11 at 2:50
Ask the freelancers to fork the repo. That way, they can send pull requests whenever they are ready –  manojlds Apr 28 '11 at 2:52

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