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How do you match only equal numbers of the same character (up to 3) on each side of a string in python?

For example, let's say I am trying to match equal signs

=abc= or ==abc== or ===abc===

but not

=abc== or ==abc=


I figured out how to do each individual case, but can't seem to get all of them.


as | of the same character


doesn't seem to work.

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Use the following regex:



If you are talking about only max three =

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This is not a regular language. However, you can do it with backreferences:

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consider that sample is a single string, here's a non-regex approach (out of many others)

>>> string="===abc==="
>>> string.replace("abc"," ").split(" ")
['===', '===']
>>> a,b = string.replace("abc"," ").split(" ")
>>> if a == b:
...   print "ok"

You said you want to match equal characters on each side, so regardless of what characters, you just need to check a and b are equal.

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You are going to want to use a back reference. Check this post for an example:

Regex, single quote or double quote

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