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So I am somewhat new to Rails 3, and I am trying to integrate Google Maps with my Rails application.

I installed ym4r_gm from git://github.com/rorcraft.ym4r_gm.git, and I followed the tutorial on http://blog.brijeshshah.com/google-maps-in-ruby-on-rails/, and http://blog.brijeshshah.com/google-maps-in-rails-3/ .

After following the tutorial, I tried to run my application but I get an error that says "uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates::GMap" regarding the "<%= raw Gmap.header %>" line. I have already installed the ym4r_gm-0.2.0 gem, and the ym4r-0.6.1 gem. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

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Make sure that the gems you're trying to use in your Rails app are actually included in your Gemfile as well as being installed on your local machine.

Check out Ruby Gems for the exact line to include in your Gemfile. In this case, it's:

gem "ym4r_gm", "~> 0.2.0"

When you push your code to a production server like Heroku, the Gemfile tells Heroku which gems to pull down and install on the server. Also run this command when you're done.

bundle install
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