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Right now I'm using mongoose-auth's Facebook Connect. Everything works fine, and users are being created/logged in through my mongodb server.

However, I want to over-ride findOrCreateUsers, because I want to assign each new user a random "code" upon signup, and put it inside their db.users profile.

So I looked into the mongoose-auth/lib/facebook, and I copied those 3 facebook module files into my own directory [everyauth.js, index.js, schema.js]. To run a simple test, I basically included my own everyauth.js from my directory, and used its findOrCreateUsers method instead of the default one.

It works, but there is one error. After logging in/creating the user, req.user is undefined. (req.loggedIn shows True, yay!)

I know this is a new library, but if you've used it (or know a lot about Node.js), I'd really appreciate it if you could help me. I'm on #node.js on irc.freenode.net. Nickname is "xeodox". If you could help me I'd really appreciate it!!

I overrode findOrCreateUser by doing this to the facebook module in my app.js:

 findOrCreateUser: function (sess, accessTok, accessTokExtra, fbUser) {
    var promise = new Promise()
      , self = this;
    // TODO Check user in session or request helper first
    //      e.g., req.user or sess.auth.userId
    this.User()().findOne({'fb.id': fbUser.id}, function (err, foundUser) {
      if (foundUser)
        return promise.fulfill(foundUser);
      self.User()().createWithFB(fbUser, accessTok, accessTokExtra.expires, function (err, createdUser) {
        return promise.fulfill(createdUser);
    return promise;
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No need to copy those files into your own directory. Just do the following in your mongoose-auth configuration:

facebook: {
  everyauth: {
      myHostname: 'http://localhost:3000'
    , appId: 'YOUR APP ID HERE'
    , appSecret: 'YOUR APP SECRET HERE'
    , redirectPath: '/home'
    , findOrCreateUser: function (session, accessToken, fbUserMetadata) {

For help on the undefined req.user, file an issue on github with a link to a self-contained gist to re-create the issue, and I can help you out.

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