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I'm having some issues with matplotlib in Eclipse (on Mac),

So I've installed matplotlib because it's necessary for a project I'm working on. It works if I run it through Terminal -- but when i try to run the program or do anything with matplotlib within Eclipse, I get an error message saying that there is no module named matplotlib. I added the matplotlib folder that is within my standard site-packages folder to the system PYTHONPATH within Eclipse, but still doesn't work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

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I just had the same issue and could resolve it by removing any additional paths I manually added to the PYTHONPATH of the specific project.
Hope that helps
Cherio Woltan

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A similar question has been asked before that I tried to help with.

The problem is almost certainly that the python interpreter you've configured (in Eclipse/Pydev) is not the same as your environment python (when you type python in Terminal).

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