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I want to see mysql queries [history, log] [select,insert,update,...] [which i executed] !
Can anyone help me on this ?

I'm using MySQL Version : 5.5.8 [which i got from WAMP]
I tried changing settings from console, and failed ! [change gets lost after restart]
i've asked it before, but no working answer !

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Sourav's answer no longer works. As of July 2013, you need:

general-log-file = "C:\wamp\logs\mysql_general.log"
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Change the following settings in my.ini:

long_query_time = 1  
slow_query_log = 1  
slow_query_log_file = "E:/wamp/logs/slowquery.log"  
log = "E:/wamp/logs/genquery.log"
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