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I need to replace certain ascii characters like @ and & with their hex representations for a URL which would be 40 and 26 respectively.

How can I do this in ruby? there are also some characters most notably '-' which does not need to be replaced.

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require 'uri'
URI.escape str, /[@&]/

Obviously, you can widen the regex with more characters you want to escape. Or, if you want to do a whitelisting approach, you can do, say,

URI.escape str, /[^-\w]/
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This is ruby, so there's a mandatory 20 different ways to do it. Here's mine:

>> a = 'one&two%three'                                                  
=> "one&two%three"                                                      
>> a.gsub(/[&%]/, '&' => '&'.ord, '%' => '%'.ord)                       
=> "one38two37three"  
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Nice! Didn't know Ruby's gsub() supports a hash parameter. TMTOWTDI :) –  nimrodm Apr 28 '11 at 6:26

I'm pretty sure Ruby has this functionality built in for URLs. However, if you want to define some more general translation facility you may use code like the following:

s = "h@llo world"
t = { " " => "%20", "@" => "%40" };
puts s.split(//).map { |c| t[c] || c }.join

Which would output


In the above code, t is a hash defining the mapping from specific characters to their representation. The string is broken into characters and the hash is searched for each character's equivalent.

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More generically and easily:

require 'uri'
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