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I have 2 Apexes installed on this server, I would like to reset password for the 2nd Apex, how would I do this? I tried

$ sqlplus sys/123456 as sysdba

SQL> @apxxepwd password

But it only reset the first Apex, how would I reset the 2nd apex?

The tnsnames.ora file looks like this



(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = the_database_server)(PORT = 1521))







(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = the_database_server)(PORT = 1521))





How do I connect to Database2? sqlplus sys as sysdba ?

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The default database you are connecting to is defined by the ORACLE_SID environment variable.

But you can also specify which DB you're going to connect to by adding @... after the password.

connect sys/123456@database2 as sysdba

But you don't even need to set up the TNSNAMES.ora. You could also use "easy connect" by simply putting host/SID behind the @:

connect sys/123456@host/SID as sysdba

Note that "easy connect" can also be turned off in your SQLNET.ora (it's on by default in 10g clients and above i think).

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