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I'm using webflows in Grails and I'm currently writing tests for it. Now, inside I've got something that throws an error so I set a message to the flash scope before redirecting:

if (some_condition) {
   flash.message = "my error message"
   return error()

Now, I know that when I'm going to display this in the GSP page, I access the flash message as

<g:if test="${message}">...

instead of the usual

<g:if test="${flash.message}">...

So anyway, I'm writing my test and I'm wondering how to test the content of the message? Usually, in normal actions in the controllers, I follow what's written in here . However, since this is a webflow, I can't seem to find the message even if I check controller.flash.message / controller.params.message / controller.message . I've also tried looking at the flow scope...

Any ideas on how to see the message then? Thanks a bunch!

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Based on your example, you can access your flash.message as controller.request.message in your webflow test. I did a lot of googling for this same exact issue and a lot of webflow documentations talk about it merging all scopes into the "view model". But I also read somewhere that it merges the flash scope into the request scope for redirection. That's what prompted me to try looking in the controller.request in my test case.

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That did the trick! Thanks so much! – callie16 Jun 23 '11 at 2:25

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