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I would like to apply style class on conditional basis.

Lets say i have xforms:trigger button, i want to make this button readonly (disabled) when the read only flag is true.

<xforms:trigger appearance="minimal" class="xforms-readonly">

The clause class="xforms-readonly" i want to apply it conditionally.

Please suggest a way to do so.

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<xforms:trigger appearance="minimal" class="xforms-{if(instance('data')/read-only='true') then 'readonly' else 'control'}"> works fine. – Thangamani J Apr 28 '11 at 6:09
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The standards-compatible way would be this:

  <xforms:bind nodeset="instance('data')/read-only" readonly=". = 'true'"/>
<xforms:trigger ref="instance('data')/read-only" appearance="minimal">
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