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I am looking for a way to retrieve the URLs of the get requests from a specific website / link that I do not have any affiliation with. I've been using PHP and its really not working out. I am pretty sure the code below is getting the information of the index page itself. Not the get requests because the page needs to load to even initiate get requests, and I don't know of a way to "load" a page without actually going to it in a browser... If you give me any lead within any programming language it would be a great help.

$url = '';
echo "<pre>";
print_r(get_headers($url, 1));
echo "</pre>";

This is what I want an array of (just the URL's / filenames):

Image of FireBug Net tab / HTTP Request Headers

With certain things like Simple HTML Dom Parser and cURL I was thinking there might be a way. If there is another language that can do this I would love to know.

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I dont thins this is possible as it is the browser that makes those request.

The PHP code is run on server side and does not load images, javascript, css etc.

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