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When you build with maven on a multicore / multi-CPU machine it would often be possible to build different subprojects in parallel. Is there a way to do this with maven? Is there a plugin for this / whatever?

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Maven 3 (as of beta 1) now supports parallel builds as an experimental feature.

For example,

mvn -T 4 clean install # Builds with 4 threads
mvn -T 1C clean install # 1 thread per cpu core
mvn -T 1.5C clean install # 1.5 thread per cpu core

Full documentation can be found on the Maven wiki.


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What does 1.5 threads mean? If I have a single core system, does that mean 1 thread, but a dual core system results in 3 threads? –  Saad Malik Apr 28 at 19:35
@SaadMalik Yes, exactly, 3 threads on dual core, 6 threads on quad core systems, etc. –  Victor Aug 6 at 11:25

Some of the CI build applications (e.g. hudson) can build multiple maven projects at the same time (and even on multiple machines).

Support for this in maven 'standalone' would also be nice, a quick look through the maven issue tracker gave me: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MNG-3004

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I think the Hudson functionality for multiple maven projects at the same time is broken as is indicated in the MNG-3004 JIRA comments. –  Dougnukem Dec 14 '09 at 17:12

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