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I am facing an issue in one of the flex 4 applications. When trying to access the application using a vpn connection it is not loading. It shows error 2032. The application uses framework caching. The framework file was not loaded at all. The download progress bar was in 0% status. But the application works fine if not in vpn.

Anyone experienced the same issue?

I got the same issue when i was testing in my local server. There I replaced the swf from the bin_release with the one from bin_debug. It showed "Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: https://localhost:9443/myApp/resources/osmf_flex.". It did not take the swz. But tried to load the swf file for the framework. The swf files were not deployed since it is not there in the bin_release folder. When i copied all the swf files for the framework from the bin_debug to the server, it worked.

I found a post about this. How do I recompile Flex 4 Framework RSLs?

When will flash player look for unsigned RSL? Thanks in advance for the help.


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What do you mean by framework caching? It's just the normal caching in the browser. There shouldn't be any problems with using a VPN unless not all your framework files are available in your web directory.

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Framework caching is a technique which isolates all the flex framework related files from the application and caches into the flash player's cache(Not the browser cache). –  Manoj M Apr 28 '11 at 13:20
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