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how to implement mouse drag&drop process example SetCursorPos(32, 32); mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.RIGHTDOWN,0,0 ,0,0); mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.RIGHTUP,0,0 ,0,0); SetCursorPos(38, 38); mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.LEFTDOWN,0,0 ,0,0); mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.LEFTUP,0,0 ,0,0);

this is code for open whatever in topleft of the screen how to implement the drag & drop in this particular code or anyotherways?

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Here is Microsoft's Drag and Drop Overview

Forms .NET 1.1:


Forms .NET 2.0:




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You would have to look into the Drag and Drop event(s) of the form, I think you need to enable OnEnter on the form aswell, its been a while since i've done windows forms programming.

Think it is called DragEnter, you can read more on the following pages:



Other than that i'd look into uzbones answer

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Try Google:


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sorry this site will not help me –  RV. Feb 24 '09 at 12:04
as tempting it is to answer in the lazy way, I don't find this answer particularly helpful on its own. –  Ivan Peevski Nov 1 '11 at 23:19

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