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What I am trying to do is open a database in async mode and get some data from my database. To do I wrote this code down below:

var file:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("data/mydatabase.db");
            sqlConnection = new SQLConnection();

            sqlConnection.addEventListener(SQLEvent.OPEN, openHandler);
            sqlConnection.addEventListener(SQLErrorEvent.ERROR, errorHandler);


After, I wrote this code in openHandler method :

protected function openHandler(event:SQLEvent):void 
  "Database opened successfully");                 
            startstmt = new SQLStatement();             
            startstmt.sqlConnection = sqlConnection;
            startstmt.text = "SELECT tid FROM sectionstable WHERE farma LIKE '%heim%' OR indication LIKE '%heim%' LIMIT 0,10";              

My startstmt is a global SqlStatement variable. When I tested in Sqlite Manager it works fine this query but in adobe-air i am getting this error. Where did i do wrong and how can I solve this?

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It all looks right. You should check you table name.

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As i told i checked exact same query on Sqlite Manager. Also it works fine when i connect synchronous to database. But i don't want to connect with synchronous mode because of response time and it freezes UI during executing process. – derton Apr 28 '11 at 12:23

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