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I am working on a project based on cakePHP 1.2.5. Now I need to use new JS helper defined in cakePHP 1.3.7.

I want to use some methods of JS helper like $this->Js->buffer("some code"), $this->Js->writeBuffer()...

Is it possible to include this JS helper only to cakePHP 1.2.5? and How?


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I don't think you can because the basic way of calling the class has changed. In 1.2.5 the helper classes were not attached to the $this object in your view.

I think the better question would be to see if you can upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3. What are the requirements keeping you from upgrading, if any.

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I would update your project to the current version of cakephp. A lot of bugs were fixed and other things were optimized.

But you can use the normal php or javascript functions...or build your own methods to solve your problem...

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You could try to copy the JsHelper and its dependencies (HtmlHelper, FormHelper, and the engine helper for the Javascript framework you use) to the helpers folder of your application, though I don't know whether this will work...

However, even if this should work it is a hack, and I would consider to upgrade to CakePHP 1.3.x or to write your own helper providing the desired functionality.

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