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Can tell me why the code below causes this error :

call of overloaded 'QChar(const char[2])' is ambiguous  

and the code :

void func(QChar a) {
    qDebug() << a;

void main() {
    func(" ");

When String.remove(QChar,Qt::CaseSensitive) works : a.remove(" ");

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You're passing a string literal (" "), which is of type const char[2] (one element containing the space, and another one for the terminating \0). You want to pass a char literal, written with single quotes: func(' ').

The QString::remove() function is overloaded for both strings and single characters. Even in that case, you want to pass a char literal ' ', which is more efficient than " " (the latter implies a call to strlen()).

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Try to write

void main() {
  func(' ');

Seems like compiler thinks that you passing const char* not a char because of double quotes. And there is no constructor for QChar from const char*.

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No, there's no QChar(const char*). –  Marc Mutz - mmutz Apr 28 '11 at 8:08
@mmutz: Oh, I meant to write "no", just misspelled. Thanks for correction. –  beduin Apr 28 '11 at 8:11

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