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I Want to get a ASPxGridView within another ASPxGridView i tried to do it like this :

ASPxGridView3 = (ASPxGridView)ASPxGridView2.FindControl("ASPxGridView3");

But obviously that does not work else i wouldn't ask help ^^. I tried putting ASPxGridView before all of it but that does not seem to do anything. ASPxGridView3 just ends up as null. I am 100% possitive that the names ASPxGridView2 and ASPxGridView3 are correct aswell as that i am sure ASPxGridView2 has ASPxGridView3 in it's edit template

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Can you show us some code? – KaeL Apr 28 '11 at 8:22
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Since the ASPxGridView provides many template containers, you should use methods specific to these containers to find a control residing in a template container. For example, if a control is positioned in the DetailRowTemplate container, you should use the ASPxGridView.FindDetailRowTemplateControl. To determine which method to use in your particular situation, please refer to the following help topics:

Grid Elements that Support Templates Accessing Controls Contained within Templates Member Table: Templates

Also, it can be very important at which moment you are trying to obtain a reference to a control residing in a template control. The standard way is to handle the HtmlRowCreated event and check for the e.RowType property in this event handler. This approach will work if the template4 control is residing in a row~ template container. If a control is inside status bar, title bar - use the ASPxGridView's PreRender and BeforeGetCallbackResult events.

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Yes i'm using that too :) – KaeL Apr 28 '11 at 8:33
Aha that's what i was doing wrong. Thanks allot. – Mythje Apr 28 '11 at 8:37

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