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I'd like to be able to produce a HTML based report from the Results.trx and data.coverage files that MSTest creates. Ideally this would just list any failures, and show some basic coverage stats.

Does anyone know of a tool that does this?

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Actually we did that using the open source tool Trx2Html

Its really simple - gets trx file and output html. There are specific versions for VS2005 trx and VS2008 trx.

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You can publish to the report server and then the reports will be available from a web interface.

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( I did it in PowerShell)

You need this dll


then this line will turn .coverage into an xml file (which the .trx already is)

$dataStore = ([Microsoft.VisualStudio.CodeCoverage.CoverageInfoManager]::CreateInfoFromFile("$homeDir\tests.coverage")).BuildDataSet($null)


Then you could use the MsTest xsl file from cruisecontrol.net to put the test results in a nice html format, and I have an XSL for the coverage. WHich won't fit here. I wish they had a way to upload files. Email me alex dot hutton at hotmail, and I can get you the xsl to display that coverage

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The trx files are fairly simple xml documents that can easily be processed with XSLT to produce flexible and customized reports.

If you google trx and xslt you'le find a number of examples to get you started.

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Here is how you can generate html report for your trx using XSLT http://www.mytechfinds.com/articles/software-testing/6-test-automation/27-trx-to-html-using-xslt

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I have added a codeplex project for this, you can generate the html from trx as well as add code-coverage data to the same report. http://trxtohtml.codeplex.com/

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try the new trx2html.codeplex.com it's not based on XSLT, but in LINQ2XML so it's easier to extend

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