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My .xaml like this

        <Image Width="90" Height="90" Source="{Binding ImgUri}" Name="codeimage"/>

I've already convert a .gif to writeableBitmap. But have no idea how to bind writeableBitmap with listbox.

Can anyone give my some hint please?

Thanks so much

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If you're binding the path of an image to a Uri which is a gif you'll have to apply a converter to manage the conversion to a supported format (png of jpg).

Have a look at this answer to a similar question.

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Hi Matt, Thanks for the response. But I still not very clear. Is any there any simple pseudocode? –  scchun Apr 28 '11 at 10:00
@scchun I've updated my answer in light of the updated question. –  Matt Lacey Apr 28 '11 at 12:23

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