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I have a bitmap(.bmp) file and now i want to convert it into metafile(.emf) formate, currently i am using this code :

        Metafile metafile;
        using (MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream())
        using (Graphics rtfBoxGraphics = m_ActiveTab.Controls[0].CreateGraphics())
          IntPtr pDeviceContext = rtfBoxGraphics.GetHdc();

          metafile = new Metafile(stream, pDeviceContext);
          using (Graphics imageGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(metafile))
            imageGraphics.DrawImageUnscaled(bmp1, new Rectangle(0, 0,bmp1.Width, bmp1.Height));     

        // Get a handle to the metafile
        IntPtr iptrMetafileHandle = metafile.GetHenhmetafile();

        // Export metafile to an image file
        CopyEnhMetaFile(iptrMetafileHandle, @"e:\Test\test4.emf");

        // Delete the metafile from memory

static extern IntPtr CopyEnhMetaFile(  // Copy EMF to file
  IntPtr hemfSrc,   // Handle to EMF
  String lpszFile // File

static extern int DeleteEnhMetaFile(  // Delete EMF
  IntPtr hemf // Handle to EMF

why this code is not work properly?, Please provide me full code to convert a bitmap file to metafile(specially .emf) file. or If possible then tell me how can i save a graphics object in metafile format suppose i am having this code

Graphics NewGraphicsObj = m_ActiveTab.Controls[0].CreateGraphics();

now i want to save this NewGraphicsObj into a metafile.

Any one help on this topic

Thanks in advance...

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You'll want to say why your code doesn't work properly -- just saying "this code is not work properly" doesn't help anyone... –  Jeremy McGee Apr 28 '11 at 9:15
Also, see here: stackoverflow.com/questions/152729/… –  Jeremy McGee Apr 28 '11 at 9:16
Nothing turns me off answering a question like requests for "full code". Nobody wants to write your program for you for free. –  meagar Apr 28 '11 at 17:10

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