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How do services such as Google Analytics discover the website that a user was using prior to them clicking through to your site. These are commonly called referrals.

I'm not talking about affiliate accounts where 'special links' tend to have a URL variable included but instead services that only appear on your site, how can they possibly see where the user came from?

My educated guesses so far include:

  • The referral website also includes the services code
  • The referral website used a centralised service to read tracking cookies which are also read on your site

Neither of these seem quite correct - so how do they do it?

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The browser sends along a "Referer" header, which has the url of the link they clicked that triggered the load of a new page.


It's up to client (in the case the browser) to pass along that proper value. Which means it can't be 100% trusted. In fact some very old school "security" measures involved protecting content unless access through a certain site or page. You could fool this method of security with Referer "spoofing" where you make your browser lie about where it came from by sending different referer headers.


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Ahh yes you're correct! Just used fiddler to verify. –  m.edmondson Apr 28 '11 at 9:00
Worth noting that it's not directly the Referer header (since request headers aren't exposed to JavaScript), but that the browser grabs the HTTP referer and stores it in document.referrer. –  Yahel Apr 28 '11 at 14:13

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