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I'm design Elements with UiBinder, but I cant find a description of the property fieds an element can have, beside ui:field, ui:style

Does anybody know where it is documented.

PS: the thing I'm currently looking for is how I can speciffy a class from my CSS file.

Since I cant answer it, I'll write it here:

Actuall the thing I was searching for was this site:

Google Web Toolkit API Reference http://google-web-toolkit.googlecode.com/svn/javadoc/latest/index.html?overview-summary.html

To my PS question, setting the style name works with styleName="[CSS-tag-name]" or addSytyleName"[..]"

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Did you check the official documentation for UiBinder? There it says the following:

See how the g:ListBox element has a visibleItemCount='1' attribute? That becomes a call to ListBox#setVisibleItemCount(int). Every one of the widget's methods that follow JavaBean-style conventions for setting a property can be used this way.

@ your PS: If you're working with a ClientBundle you can access it with

<ui:with field="res" type="path.to.Resources" />
<div class="{res.css.myStyle}" />
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