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Heads up: I am quite new to Javascript and have so far only written very basic scripts based on jQuery. I am a quick study though..

What I am after is a way to:

1) identify tags

2) read the img tags

3) wrap the tag with an <a href> tag with a dynamic link based on the src of the img.


<img src="../../img_T/Culture/C_01/c_01_abb_005.jpg" width="310" height="180" alt="image1">

should become

<a href="../../img_L/Culture/C_01/c_01_abb_005.jpg"><img src="../../img_T/Culture/C_01/c_01_abb_005.jpg" width="310" height="180" alt="C 01 Abb 005"></a>

I am thinking that reading the src of each image and writing it to a variable, then reading that variable and replacing the /img_T/ with /img_L/ and then writing that to a new variable which can then be simply added to each href.

This is how far I have gotten, but this does not work at all:

/* in the comments 'xxx' represents a different unique image string */
/* This should get the <img src="../img_T/xxx" /> string as text and store it. */
var $imgSrc        =    $(".displaywrapper img").attr("src");

/* This part should use the above sourced <img src="../img_T/xxx" string and replace ../img_T/ of the src with ../img_L/ and store it in var = imgLink. */
var imgLink        =    $imgSrc.text().replace("img_T","img_L");

/* This part should then wrap the <img src="../img_T/xxx" /> so it becomes <a href="..img_L/xxx"><img src="../img_T/xxx" /></a> */
$(".displaywrapper img").each(function(){.wrap("<a href="imgLink"></a>")});

Thanks for reading. Jannis

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I think this should do the trick:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $(".displayWrapper img").each(function() {
        var src = $(this).attr('src').replace('img_T','img_L');
        var a = $('<a/>').attr('href', src);

Line 1: Wait for the document to be ready before doing anything..
Line 2: Loop through each image using jQuery's each function.
Line 3: Get the current image's src with attr and replace img_T with img_L
Line 4: Dynamically create a new <a> tag and set it's href attribute to the src in Line 3
Line 5: wrap the <a> tag around the <img> tag.

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You should check if there already is a A around the IMG. –  Gumbo Feb 24 '09 at 13:06
I don't see why that's necessary if he's in control of his HTML and it will be run once when the document loads. –  Paolo Bergantino Feb 24 '09 at 13:07
thanks! But there is still something not working, at least not in my website. If you can, please have a look at it in action, i promise this is not a blatant plug of my website: bgarchitect.co.nz/culture/new-flora I have added the code above but it simply does not take effect –  Jannis Feb 24 '09 at 20:49
my apologies. the script DOES work. the error is somewhere else as the jQuery fancyzoom plugin does not pick up the link. Thank you very much! –  Jannis Feb 24 '09 at 20:56
You are welcome. Nice site. :) –  Paolo Bergantino Feb 24 '09 at 20:57

If you just need the images clickable, do this:

$(".displayWrapper img").click(function(){
  document.location.href = this.src.replace("img_T", "img_L");
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