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I need use the architecture macro to set some value, in standard gcc, it likes:

 #if (defined(__ARM_ARCH_5TE__) ).equ  ARM_V5TE_COMPATIBLE,  1
 #else.equ  ARM_V5TE_COMPATIBLE,  0

How to get the compiler predefined macro in iOS assembly code?

I can see #define __ARM_ARCH_5TE__ 1 from the command arm-apple-darwin10-cpp-4.2.1 -dM my.h` But whatever I do, I cannot utilize the value.

  1. if __ARM_ARCH_5TE__ == 1 the compiler returns "Can't relocate expression. Absolute 0 assumed".
  2. #ifdef __ARM_ARCH_5TE__ the compiler doesn't report error or warning, but the value is defaultly set to 0 deduted from the result.
  3. if defined(__ARM_ARCH_5TE__) report a error, "Bad Absolute Expression, absolute 0 assumed."

So what is the right way to get the MACRO value in the assembly code? or anything need to do in the compile command argument?


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it is resolved after set argument "-x assembler-with-cpp" instead of "-x assembler", thanks! –  shawb Apr 29 '11 at 9:33

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