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how do I a make mouse scroll programmatically? I've tried:

SetCursorPos(32, 32);
 mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.RIGHTUP,0,0 ,0,0); 
 SetCursorPos(38, 38);
 mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.LEFTDOWN,0,0 ,0,0);  		
 mouse_event((uint)MouseEventFlags.LEFTUP,0,0 ,0,0);

The above code-snippet opens the top-left most item in a screen.

Does anyone have a code-snippet that will made the mouse scroll?

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Are you trying to scroll to a specific place or just scroll in general? If you are trying to scroll to a specific place, like the end of a text box you could do something like:

myTxtBox.SelectionStart = myTxtBox.TextLength; myTxtBox.ScrollToCaret();

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