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I'm trying to move my gae webapp project to django non-rel. I'm pretty new to Python and Django (non-rel). Right now I'm setting up the admin backend.

When I want to look at the history of a model entry I encounter this problem:

Caught DatabaseError while rendering: TextField is not indexed, 
by default, so you can't filter on it. Please add an index definition
for the column object_id on the model django.contrib.admin.models.LogEntry
as described here: http://www.allbuttonspressed.com/blog/django/2010/07/Managing-per-field-indexes-on-App-Engine

I followed the advice on the give site, but the problem persists.

My gae_models_settings.py looks like this:

from maps.models import Poll, Choice
from django.contrib.admin.models import LogEntry

    Poll: {'indexed': ['question']},
    Choice: {'indexed': ['choice']},
    LogEntry: {'indexed': ['object_id']},


And in my settings.py I added:


Where did I go wrong?

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There is a letter missing in 'GAE_SETTINGS_MODULE'.

The correct version is :

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if you put ae_models_settings.py in the same level as settings.py, I think it should be:


works for me.

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