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I'm been working in javascript on use of SubClass and SuperClass, but i cant make this work. I've been looking to a lot of examples, but nothing work so far.

The basic code i need is this:

// SubClass
List1 = function(htmlId) 
    var _htmlId = htmlId;


List1.prototype.init = function()
    console.log('LIST1: init');

List1.prototype.render = function(dados)
    console.log('LIST1: render');
    alert('HTML ID: ' + this._htmlId);
    alert('HTML ID: ' + this.dados);

// SuperClass
Component1 = function() 

Component1.prototype.load = function()
    console.log('COMPONENT1: load');
    alert('LOAD: ' + this._htmlId);


I'm not very expert in JavaScript, but someone told me to make the classes in JavaScrip this way.

I'm trying to extend the List1 to use the SuperClass Component but i cant get this work:

List1.prototype = new Component1();
List1.constructor = List1;

var component = new List1(componentHtmlId);
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There are no classes in Javascript. –  delnan Apr 28 '11 at 10:19
Your terminology is confusing...I think what you mean is "BaseClass" and "SubClass" -- in other words, you want some sort of basic "inheritance", right? ( I think you are on the right track with ".prototype" ...it's true there are no Classes, instead there are "prototypes" in javascript ) –  Nick Perkins Aug 1 '11 at 17:15

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