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I'm developing a apache module and a shared library in the same Autoconf/Automake project. How my should be?

Now it is:

INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir)

nobase_include_HEADERS =  \
  foo.h \

libfoo_la_SOURCES = \
  foo.c \

libfoo_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 0:0:0

I can add these lines:

mod_foo_la_SOURCES = mod_foo.c
mod_foo_la_LDFLAGS = -module
mod_foo_la_LIBADD =

Is it right?

how to make install the module with APXS and the shared library with libtool? If i put:

    $(APXS) -i -a -n foo

I think the it is not installed but only the module.

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I'm not familiar with APXS, so I can't help. However the INCLUDES variable is deprecated and should be replaced by AM_CPPFLAGS. – adl Apr 28 '11 at 19:39
Thank you for the help adl. – Filippo De Luca Apr 28 '11 at 20:10
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Nothing's being installed because you're overriding the install target. Try using install-exec-local (manual):

    $(APXS) -i -a -n foo

(Note that I don't know APXS, I'm just copying your rule.)

You should also define an uninstall-local target to clean up.

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