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I need to create 1 graph per day with totals per hour..If each day could be on a (separate) dated sheet or file then that would be great! I am struggling to achieve this and thought it would be best to ask the experts!

This is the raw data in another file called Book1.xls :

NOTE: Date & time is in the same cell in Column B and begins from Row 8. The last row would never be the same due to the variable amount of data imported. The 3 digit figure at the end of each row is in Column C.

2011-03-22 13:39:54 361

2011-03-22 13:40:54 361

2011-03-22 13:41:55 371

2011-03-22 13:42:53 345

2011-03-22 13:43:54 367

2011-03-22 13:44:54 361

2011-03-22 13:45:53 355

2011-03-22 13:46:54 367

2011-03-23 00:56:54 361

2011-03-23 00:57:53 361

2011-03-23 00:58:54 371

2011-03-23 00:59:54 345

2011-03-23 01:00:53 367

2011-03-23 01:01:54 361

2011-03-23 01:02:54 355

2011-03-23 01:03:54 367

2011-03-23 01:04:54 361

2011-03-23 01:05:54 360

2011-03-23 01:06:54 362

2011-03-23 01:07:54 360

Any assistance would be appreciated!


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What attempts have you made towards the problem? – jonsca Apr 28 '11 at 10:48
The only attempt I have at present is to create the individual worksheets date-stamped. I have spent a few hours trying different approaches to filter the date to no prevail - one of the issues being that the data will be variable i.e. not always be the same amount of data so cannot determine which cells to range. – user729047 Apr 28 '11 at 10:54
@user729047 Use the SpecialCells (MSDN reference) method of the Column to only get the cells that have values. After that see what you come up with for splitting the string. – jonsca Apr 28 '11 at 11:03
I don't see how this helps? I can already select all data within the column with xlDown method, just need to define each date as per original query and produce daily graphs with hourly totals. – user729047 Apr 28 '11 at 12:21
@user729047 I had forgotten about xlDown. The only reason I said that was it sounded like you were uncertain about a variable number of cells. Let me take a look at it. It still helps if you are doing some searches and making some more attempts. – jonsca Apr 28 '11 at 16:16

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