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I have a textarea which I would like to restrict the length (Of course its checked at server-side).

So I have

<textarea id="myFunkyTextArea" maxlength="255"></textarea>

I tried the following

  console.log($(this).val().lenth > 255)
  if ($(this).val().lenth > 255){
    //return false

I know how to pick up the maxlength attr but I just trying to cancel the event so that their input is not added to the the textarea. The reason I went with keydown is so if the person holds down a single key it should reach 255 and stop adding that key to the textarea.

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Another suggestions. Try the noble-count plugin http://tpgblog.com/noblecount/ It gives your great control of your textarea.

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your code itself should work if you return false; and in that code length spelling is wrong. check it down.

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