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Am doing automation tesing using selenium, i need help in regarding how to select radio button.If possible help me with selenium java code.

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How did answer provided by Tnem work for you? Care to accept as correct if it did? – Ruslans Uralovs Dec 10 '12 at 12:41

Assuming you have selenium set up its just:'radio button locator');

You may want to look at the selenium javadoc

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The Selenium doc page mentioned is a good start but for a more comprehensive reference on locators see my wall chart: XPath, CSS, DOM and Selenium: The Rosetta Stone and Cookbook – Michael Sorens Apr 29 '11 at 17:22
click > xpath=(//input[@type='checkbox'])[position()=1]
click > xpath=(//input[@type='checkbox'])[position()=2]
click > xpath=(//input[@type='checkbox'])[position()=3]
click > xpath=(//input[@type='checkbox'])[position()=4]

etc ... use this commands to select random and any radio button

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public class radioExamJavaScr {

   public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

     WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();
     EventFiringWebDriver  dr = new EventFiringWebDriver(driver);
     dr.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);


     WebElement one_way = (WebElement)((JavascriptExecutor)dr).executeScript("return document.getElementById('oneway_r') ;");


     WebElement round_trip = (WebElement)((JavascriptExecutor)dr).executeScript("return document.getElementById('roundtrip_r') ;");



In the above example I am selecting radio button with "ROUND TRIP" using "JavaScript".

The last four lines are to verify and see whether the expected radio button is selected in the page or not.

NOTE: I am giving simple easy solution to solve a problem (selecting a radio) in the choosen webpage. A better code can be written. (user can write a method to accept radio ID and loop through all the existing radio button to see which one of them is selected).

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The above solution works better if user unable to select radio button and verify with the help of " driver.findElement("") " method. I know few cases where "driver.findElement("")" and its actions unable to do the expected job (neither select nor verify). JavaScriptExecutor is second choice for any tester. – MKod Feb 6 '13 at 17:12

I use this method:

String radioButtonId = "radioButtonId";
selenium.focus("id=" + radioButtonId);"id=" + radioButtonId, "concreteRadioButtonValue");
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What you can do is this:

Create a method with a WebElement return type, and use the Method findElement(). Example:

WebDriver test;
test = new FirefoxDriver();

public static WebElement checkAndGet(By b) throws Exception {
    return test.findElement(b);

Store the WebElement and use the Method click(). Example:

WebElement radiobutton = checkAndGet(By.xpath("//span[@class='label ng-binding']");;

Hope this helps!

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What you should do all the time is provide a locator for every object within a page and then use a method.


driver.findElement(By.xpath(//CLASS[contains(., 'what you are looking for')])).click();

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