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When i maximize an air window that has no chrome (no system chrome, no flex chrome but i think it's the same even if only flex chrome is used) a few pixels on all sides go offscreen.

Anyone has a solution for this or knows why it happens?

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It's actually easiest to set the air window to the size of the monitor, then set your custom UI to the size of the monitor minus a few pixels. That's the only workaround that I've come up with.

The only downside to this approach may be a small rendering performance loss, since the AIR window has to take alpha transparent pictures of everything behind the window, but this likely so minimal that it won't make a difference (I invite someone to benchmark this).

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That's what i did also I haven't noticed any performance issues so if there's any it's not noticeable. (Computer is average to low in performance). – Romeo Copaciu Mar 3 '09 at 10:58

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