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I want to use Rackspace API which is based on ReST.
I am able to get all the output using GET request (Using CURL in PHP).
Here is a piece of information I found which I could not understand:

Example 4.4. Server Create Request: 

  "server" : {
  "name" : "new-server-test",
  "imageId" : 1,
  "flavorId" : 1,
  "metadata" : {
    "My Server Name" : "Apache1"
  "personality" : [
      "path" : "/etc/banner.txt",
      "contents" :

Now how do I make a Request In JSON format?
Is there any implementation of RackSpace Cloud Server API which I can see and understand?


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Unfortunately I have never used it, but with a quick search on everyone's favourite search engine I found rackspace-cloud-api:

The Rackspace Cloud API for PHP is intended to be a full API for all Rackspace Cloud services.

The initial offering focuses on Cloud Servers.

To use this API, you must place a copy of the Zend framework in your include_path.

Looks like it is based on Zend Framework.

Another github hosted project is Rackspace-Cloud-PHP-Library, which again I have not used. The maintainers homepage also has some detail:

The Rackspace Cloud has released an API for their Cloud Servers which you can find here: The Cloud Server API is currently in beta, and does not have any libraries available to simplify making calls, so I have created this PHP one.

This is strictly for PHP5 since PHP4 should be forgotten forever.

The API has some poorly written documentation, but it is still useful. You can find it at this address:

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I was going through the "poorly written" guide, There only I found that piece of code which I couldn't understand. – Rahul Prasad Apr 29 '11 at 9:18

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