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her i am inputting the data through printf

printf("enter the src ipaddress \n");
inet_aton(buff, &(delete_node.ip.ip_src));

printf("enter the dst ip address\n");
inet_aton(buff, &(delete_node.ip.ip_dst));

printf("enter the source port\n");
delete_node.protocol.proto.uh_sport = ntohs(port);

printf("enter the destination port\n");
delete_node.protocol.proto.uh_dport = ntohs(port);

i want to write a function which inputs the above parameter how to write it ? here i am inputting it the data to place i want to store it. like delete_node.ip.ip_src and so on, where delete_node is a structure. how to write a function which performs the same task that of the above printf statements

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Have the function receive a pointer to the struct and use it inside:

int fx(struct WHATEVER *node) {
    scanf("%s", buff); /* validate! */
    inet_aton(buff, &(node->ip.ip_src));
    /* ... */
    return 0; /* all ok */
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