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Can someone PLEASE tell me why the below code is searching for sub folders in the specified path. I only want all .txt and .log files in c:\Python27 to be searched. But the search is showing results for .txt and .log file in c:\Python27\Doc ... so on and so forth as well. Thanks.

elif searchType =='3':
          print "Directory to be searched: c:\Python27 "
          print " "
          directory = os.path.join("c:\\","Python27")
          regex = re.compile(r'3[0-9]\d{10}')
          for root,dirname, files in os.walk(directory):
             for file in files:
               if file.endswith(".log") or file.endswith(".txt"):
                  for line in f.readlines():
                      searchedstr = regex.findall(line)
                      for word in searchedstr:
                         print "String found: " + word
                         print "File: " + os.path.join(root,file)
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os.walk is recursive directory walking - its documentation says:

Generate the file names in a directory tree by walking the tree either top-down or bottom-up.

So you get what you ask for ;-)

If you don't need recursion, just use os.listdir instead. Since os.walk by default walks top-down you could also cut the loop after the first directory, but it's cumbersome. os.listdir is simple:

>>> for filename in  os.listdir(r"c:\python26\\"):
...   if filename.endswith('.txt') or filename.endswith('.log'): print filename
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